Costa Rica Dental Tourism: How I Saved $40k

By: Michael Eisner

Costa Rica Dental Tourism: How I Saved $40k

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There is no question that dental care in Canada is incredibly expensive. Approximately one in six Canadians has difficulty getting oral health care because they can't afford the cost, they don't have dental insurance or it's too expensive to travel to the nearest provider. 
The need for affordable dentistry has never been greater, and so traveling abroad to get better prices is very much an option.  It doesn’t matter who you are today – times are tough, but just where is the best place for dental tourism?
Enter Costa Rica, where many foreign patients are increasingly realizing the benefits of medical and dental tourism.  

Large numbers of patients are crossing borders to take advantage of dentistry at costs significantly lower than they can receive in  Canada, 50% - 70% in most cases. 
Before, during and/or after treatment, most dental patients can also soak in the phenomenal natural beauty and numerous activities Costa Rica is famous for. 



You can find a lot of of material regarding dental care in Costa Rica online.  In fact, a Google search for dental Costa Rica produces over 6 million results. 

Although access to so much information can be encouraging, it is still an overwhelming and intimidating experience to determine what clinic/doctor to trust with your teeth.  

I started planning my trip to Costa Rica a couple of months ago and did a throughout research of the dental clinics there.  A few of my friends also highly recommended Dr. Mario Garita, so I Googled him. The website looked impressive and professional, and the testimonials were promising.
I contacted Dr. Mario's concierge Charles Dennard and he consulted me on all the dental works I needed, terms and an estimate cost (in fluent English, eh!).

Next step was hopping on a plane and flying to the beautiful Costa Rica, to get a Hollywood smile and enjoy my short vacation.

The dental office was state-of-the-art, better than any offices I've ever been too.
The front desk staff, as well as the rest of the  clinical team was very professional and dressed in business clothes. Everyone looked on point and took their time in explaining every single step. There was no language barrier at all. Every single staff member spoke fluent English.
The operatoring facilities were spotless and the dental team all wore proper personal protective equipment.
Take a look at the video tour of the clinic to see what I'm talking about here:


The clinic also has it's own laboratory with a joint venture with VIAX Dental technologies, which is one of the finest Dental Laboratories in the world with state of the art technology and superior Quality.

For those who prefer the holistic way of life, 
Mario Garita MP Dental Experience can offer ceramic dental implants made out of zirconium (well known as holistic dentistry). Being able to offer these ceramic dental implants to the customers, the clinic can now meet the rising demand for a holistic metal free dental solution.

I spent 4 days out of 10 at the doctor's office and managed to get all the needed dental work done.

In conclusion, I am extremely happy with every single step of the process and the dental care I received at teh Mario Garita MP Dental Experience.

For more Information, call me at 416-707-6218 or email


For the discounted dental care please leave your contact information, and one of the doctors will contact you shortly

*Charlie (the concierge) will call you to discuss all aspects of your dental work including pricing, travel planning and airfare rebate





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